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Town History

The magical town of Český Krumlov listed on the UNESCO world heritage list since 1992 is located in a valley around the meanders of the Vltava River. The name "Krumlov" is particularly fitting for this place as it stems from the Old German "krumben ouwe" meaning a crooked river meadow. You will not find many meadows in the town nowadays but the Vltava River is still twisting through the town just as many centuries ago.

The first written mention of a place named "Crumbenowe" is from 1253 although the place had been of course inhabited long before that. The archeological research has revealed evidence of human settlement in the location of today's Castle from the Bronze Ages, i.e. from around 1500 B.C.

A red five-petalled rose is the symbol of the town Český Krumlov and is depicted in its coat of arms. The rose comes from the coat of arms of the Czech nobles of Vítkovci and lords of Krumlov. During your visit of the Castle you can learn about the legend of the division of the five roses between the five sons of the founder of the family, Vítek.

The legendary Rosenbergs took over the rule over the town in 1302, firmly ruling over Český Krumlov for three centuries until 1605. In this year the last male heir of the Rosenberg lineage, Petr Vok, transferred the heavily indebted domain to the Emperor Rudolf II. Český Krumlov has prospered enormously during the reign of the Rosenbergs and the Renaissance appearance of the Castle also dates back from that period.

After a short imperial spell the town went to another important noble family, this time the Austrian Eggenbergs (originally from Steyern). It was during the reign of Jan Kristián of Eggenberg that the unique Baroque theatre (preserved to this day) had been completed.
From 1719 until 1947 Český Krumlov was in the hands of the Krumlov branch of the Dukes of Schwarzenberg. In 1947 Český Krumlov was nationalized along with all other possessions of the Schwarzenbergs in Czechoslovakia. The decree of President Beneš ordering the nationalization has been nicknamed Lex Schwarzenberg - so great was the wealth of the Dukes.

The town of Český Krumlov has been enlisted in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1992.