Hotel Peregrin

By Car

Hotel Peregrin is located in the town center of Český Krumlov which is a pedestrian zone with limited motorized vehicle access. However, guests with a valid hotel booking are allowed to enter the town center. In case you get stopped by the Municipal Police we recommend that you take a printout confirming your booking with our hotel.

A detailed journey description to Hotel Peregrin:
You will pass 2 roundabouts at arrival to the town (go straight at each). At the third roundabout turn left (you will cross the river) and reach the Objžďková Street. The historic town center is now to your right and you will drive slightly uphill and to the right. On top of the hill is a traffic light where you will need to turn right into the historic town center into Horní Street.

After about 50 meters you will pass a traffic sign signaling no entry to vehicles without permit. As our hotel guests, you are permitted to enter the town center. You will pass a narrow stone bridge (notice a pretty view of the Castle to your right) and continue driving down Horní Street. The next narrow street to the right is Masná street and you will be able to see Hotel Peregrin from there. Continue driving down the Street until you reach the Svornosti square.

You can shortly park your care here and walk to our hotel (through the Šatlavská street - less than 50 meters - see the map bellow). Please note that you can leave your car on the square only for a very short time while you check in. 

After check in you will need to drive your car to the guarded parking space, arranged for guests of Hotel Peregrin in the Eggenberg brewery. Parking is charged extra and you will receive a map with detailed instructions on how to reach the parking space at hotel reception.


By Bus

Český Krumlov is very well accessible by bus from Prague, České Budějovice and many other places. The bus station is conveniently located very close to the town center and so also close to our hotel. If you elect to travel to Hotel Peregrin by public transport, definitely choose the bus rather than the train. It is much faster and more convenient too.

Use the bus stop "Český Krumlov - bus station". Cross the main road (Objížďková Street) and enter the historical town center by a narrow stone bridge. Continue down the Horní Street (you will have a view of the Krumlov Castle to your right) and pass the Hotel Růže. After about 100 meters turn into the Masná Street. You will see Hotel Peregrin directly in front of you. The entire journey from the bus station to the hotel will take you about 10 minutes.

 You can find out the entire public transport schedule here

Shuttle Bus

For our guests arriving to Český Krumlov from Linz or Vienna we recommend using a shuttle bus as the most convenient means of transportation. A shuttle bus will collect you directly in your hotel at the time you wish (or at a pre-agreed collection point) and take you directly to your hotel. You can order a shuttle bus for example here.

By Train

We cannot fully recommend taking a train for your journey to Český Krumlov. The train journey is much longer than by bus. Also, the train station is located some distance from the town center and it is quite far to walk to the town, especially with luggage.

If you do choose to travel to Český Krumlov by train, we recommend taking a taxi to our hotel from the train station.

You can call the taxi at +420 380 712 712 (operators speak English). You can find out the entire public transport schedule here.