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Hotel Peregrin Český Krumlov

In the middle of the charming Český Krumlov you can find a hotel offering a much-welcome refuge and accommodation to the pilgrims of modern times who have travelled from near and far to admire the unique beauty of the town of Český Krumlov, listed as one of the UNESCO world heritage sites.
Hotel Peregrin Český Krumlov hints at its main mission by its name, derived from the Latin word peregrinus meaning a pilgrim or a traveler.

Why accommodation in Hotel Peregrin Český Krumlov is an excellent choice:

Hotel Peregrin is located directly in the center of Český Krumlov

All of the famous sites of Český Krumlov are only a few steps away from Hotel Peregrin. You can easily walk to see the famous Český Krumlov Castle and Chateau, view a performance on the unique revolving auditorium or to one of the several museums. The center of Český Krumlov is ideal for romantic walks letting you directly experience the authentic atmosphere of this historic town.

Hotel Peregrin is an original

Hotel Peregrin is located in a house of medieval origin dating back to the 15th century. We respect the unique historic value of the building and combine it with modern furnishings and design objects in an original and harmonic fashion. During the reconstruction we have also taken great care to preserve and develop unique features. In the hotel you can find solid hardwood floors, custom-made wooden doors and made-to-measure furniture.
Each room in Hotel Peregrin is unique with both its furnishing and set-up.
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Hotel Peregrin offers you full comfort and relaxation

When you get tired after your pilgrimages on the crooked little streets of Český Krumlov, you can sit down comfortably in our private hotel garden with a splendid view of the Castle of Český Krumlov and relax a few moments with perhaps a glass of wine from our wine cellar.
Free high speed wireless internet connection is available throughout the hotel.

Hotel Peregrin has the unique individual touch

Hotel Peregrin is not part of some anonymous hotel chain. The owners are a husband and wife duo, Radek and Lenka. In the center of this splendid town of Český Krumlov we have built a boutique-style hotel where we too would like to have accommodation during our travels. We believe you will have a wonderful experience staying in Hotel Peregin Český Krumlov.

So, welcome pilgrims!
Ave peregrini!